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Botox (Botulinum Toxin)

Intralipotherapy Belkyra, receding chin treatment, double chin. 1 session 2 injectables

Collagen PDO threads for face and body (facial and double chin contour)


Silhouette Soft threads (face lift, neck, chin, cleavage, body)

2 Threads 4 Threads 6 Threads

Hyaluronic Acid filler (1 injectable) Hydration and contour of lips

Lip enhancement

Smile lines
Lip wrinkles (barcode)

Facial Lifting with Radiesse
Lifting, hand rejuvenation with Radiesse

Injectable mesotherapy of the face, scalp and or body from Injectable Aquashine mesotherapy

Intralipotherapy (injectable lipolytics) localized fat reduction without surgery from Lip augmentation and deep hydration using hyaluronic acid, vitamins and microinjections

(Nano needles) 3D effect. One session 50€ Voucher for 3 sessions Bio Botox Treatment.

Meso Botox. Botox effect

Plasma PRP Plasma rich in platelets

Vampire Lifting for facial rejuvenation, neck, decolletage, hands with local anaesthetic Alopecia treatment for the scalp with local anaesthetic

Varicose veins treatment injectable

Jett Plasma Lift Laser treatments:
Blepharoplasty of upper eyelids with local anaesthetic

Blepharoplasty of lower eyelids with local anaesthetic Full Blepharoplasty including Crows feet

Lip wrinkles (barcode) Lifting
Neck lifting (Cleopatra neck)

Papilloma removal
Wart removal
Blemish removal
Varicose vein removal
Couperus removal

Tattoo or micropigmentation removal (the session) Deep wrinkles

Acne and post acne scars
Scar lifting

Removal of Stretch marks and flaccid tissue

Vaginal rejuvenation and dryness with laser treatment

The prices marked with *** are subjected to Consultation

Hyaluronic acid treatment for female genital area
G spot enhancement, vaginal dryness, incontinence, labia majora rejuvenation


All the surgeries are taken place at the patients Hospital of choice

Breast augmentation
Breast reduction


Liposuction and liposculpture Minor liposuction

Glute surgery

Vaginal rejuvenation (vaginoplasty and labiaplasty) Gynecomastia (for men)
Face lifting
Surgical neck lifting

Blepharoplasty of upper eyelids or of lower eyelids Chin surgery

Removal of moles and lipomas with micro surgeries and local anaesthetic


General medicine




At home visits in case of emergency

Clinical Analysis. We do all kind of analysis, tests, vaccination including at home visits. For price please consult the Clinic.

Osteopathy. With new generation techniques, without use of surgery (herniated disk, scoliosis, kyphosis, spinal curvature, cervical issues, impingement, lower back muscles, arthrosis, meniscus, tendonitis)

Consultation and procedure 60€

Cure from 30€ (30min) Treatment and cure


Permanent Sapphire Laser Hair Removal (diode). For all types of skin, pale, dark and tanned. More effective because of its high potency and intensity. Practically not painful thanks to its temperature as it works with up to 10 degrees below 0.
Efficient in removing blonde hair.

From 15€ per area and per session. If you buy a voucher for 6 sessions, 2 more sessions are free. A test of a small area is free


Deep skin examination with equipment and our aesthetic professionals before doing any procedure are free

Deep professional facial cleansing with manual removal using a variety of natural acid peels, hydrating massage of face, neck and decolletage, personalized masks chosen specifically for your type of skin
Dermabrasion using diamond tip

Treatment of acne
Post acne scaring treatment
Rosecia treatment using Mandelik acid
Couperus treatment using Jett Plasma Lift
Intraceuticals facial treatment - A Hollywood's celebrity favourite with hyperbaric oxygen, vitamin cocktail and hyaluronic acid. Deep hydration and revitalization of the skin
Cellular facial Lifting with acoustic waves anti-wrinkle
Cellular revitalization Lifting effect with Jett Plasma Lift

- Face
-Neckand décolletage
- Face+neck+ décolletage

Deep facial cleansing of seborrheic, suffocated skin with removal using salicylic acid
Deep hydrating facial treatment for young skin with hyaluronic acid, elastin, collagen and vitamins using biocosmetics
Anti-Aging treatment using microcurrents and Magic gloves
Japanese Kobido massage facial lifting, removes flaccidity, tighten skin and facial muscles,

prevents skin aging using Bio argan Oil

Our Chemical Peels can be performed any time of the year including summer Bio-revitalization treatment without needles using acid: TCA PRX-T-33 for photoaging skin and flaccidity areas. Does NOT produce frost effect (shedding) It is not photo sensitive, recommended for all types of skin and all ages
Deep hydrating treatment, flash effect with modified Jessner Peeling
Kojic Acid treatment. For depigmentation, softening, antioxidant and anti bacterial. Brightens the skin, pushes away free radicals. Tyrosine inhibitor and melanin production. Treats over exposed sun blemishes, helps soften freckle colour
Glycolic acid treatment that contains low molecular weight providing a deeper absorption into the skin, it has the capacity to dissolve the attachment between dead skin cells and the corneal layer, speeding its removal process and stimulating the renewal cycle of new skin cells. For all ages and types of skin
Anti-aging Lactic acid treatment. Softens wrinkles, fine and superficial lines. Recommended for crackled skin with rosacea
Mandelik acid treatment. Treats acne consequences. Controls and balances the grease levels absorbing into the hair follicle improving skin appearance

Very deep Chemical Acid Peels (Exclusive Winter treatment) Ferulic Acid Peel, photo-aging and antioxidant treatment

- Face
- Neck and decolletage - Hands

Nomelan Phenol peel, safe and highly tolerated. Reduces deep wrinkles and blemishes. Highly exfoliating qualities and an important Lifting effect.

Nipple reconstruction (including retouch)


Firming Treatment using micro injections
Stretch Marks Treatment using Jett Plasma Lift
Scar Treatment
Anti-Cellulite Treatment
Dermal Fibrosis Treatment
Localized fat removal treatment
Spider veins removal treatment

Personalized body Wraps
Stress relief treatment using infrared rays SOQI BED toxin removal, cellular regeneration, slimming, reshaping the body, aids in weight loss, helps water retention, reinforces the immune system
Personalized naturals Peels to choose with the advice of our professional
Body Peel using Kessa Gloves ( Hammam Ritual) hydrating body massage using Bio Argan Oil and full body wrap with natural Rassul Mud
Bison neck special treatment combines acoustic waves and lymphatic drainage of the treated zone Vodder Method

Wax Hair removal for men and women


With Hot stones Sport massage Thai

Lymphatic Drainage Vodder method

Aromatherapy relaxing
Stress reducing
Deep Massage, stretching cervical vertebrae's and spine alignment Suction cups
Shiatsu (Japanese)
Loosening for children and babies
For pregnant women
Bio readaptation
Massage for tired legs, reducing swelling


Natural hair extensions
African braided extensions
All hair Extension services

All hair
Half hair

Tanino Plastia new technique of Hair straightening, sealing of open ends, nourishing and hydrating hair, 100% natural without damaging the hair

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